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Bennett Madigan Enterprise, creators of, maintains an informative, reliable, and relevant off-campus housing website for students and parents. This site is maintained for the convenience of the student and parents and should not be taken to imply that Bennett Madigan Enterprise has inspected or approved any of the off-campus housing.

All information published herein is gathered from sources which are thought to be reliable, but the reader should not assume that the information is official or final. Bennett Madigan Enterprise, creators of, does not assume responsibility for errors, and all information is subject to change without notice. Links from these pages to external Web sites are provided as a service to visitors. Although, Bennett Madigan Enterprise strives to ensure that the partners and/or affiliates operate within lawful, ethical and appropriate behaviors, we cannot be held responsible in the event our partners and/or affiliates stray from operating within lawful, ethical and appropriate behaviors.

Bennett Madigan Enterprise is a useful tool provided to help students and parents make informed and reliable housing choices. Bennett Madigan Enterprise works diligently to ensure that the information we provide is accurate to the current information provided by housing complexes and private house/apartment renters. However, all housing complexes and private renters on this site reserve the right to change housing rates and/or what they offer at anytime, without notice.

Only the housing complexes themselves can provide you with official details and rates. Bennett Madigan Enterprise will not knowingly assist or support any landlord who engages in unlawful housing discrimination. We are not liable for any misconduct or breach of housing agreements between housing complexes/private renters and student lessees.

This site does not reflect which properties are currently rented and available. In issuing this site, Bennett Madigan Enterprise assumes no responsibility for the condition of the housing or the safety or well being of the student while he or she resides off campus.

The off campus housing option list is only a record of possible openings in the community. The list complied has been generated by research and work conducted by Bennett Madigan Enterprise. The information list does not provide private renters price, living conditions or availability. It strictly lists information in order to make contact with the owner. Students residing off campus may wish, and are recommended, to purchase renters insurance.

Further, Bennett Madigan Enterprise cannot be held responsible and/or liable for transactions and/or exchanges resulting from the listing services provided by the Ship Exchange on Bennett Madigan Enterprise acts as a portal for which seller or exchangers to list items for sale or for free at their own risk and responsibility. Completions of any exchanges and/or sales are between the seller/exchanger and the buyer/receiver of the exchange. It is the responsibility of the seller/exchanger and the buyer/receiver to act within lawful, ethical and appropriate behaviors. It is important for the seller/exchanger to understand that once an item is listed on Ship Exchange and accepted by a buyer/receiver that the transaction becomes a binding agreement, in which Bennett Madigan Enterprise cannot be held responsible or liable by the seller/exchanger and/or the buyer/receiver if the binding agreement is breached.

To restate, Bennett Madigan Enterprise acts an informative site/portal to other companies/websites separate from Bennett Madigan Enterprise. We must stress that any other interaction/transaction with companies, separate from Bennett Madigan Enterprise, are between the individual and the company/website which is not part of Bennett Madigan Enterprise.

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